Standard Guest Gifts

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This is a bulk package of all of the standard guest gifts and will be enough to supply 100 stays per package. Please select the market type that your market is categorized under. For questions on this package and/or which market type that your market belongs to, please Slack Amber Bjel.

Each stay should be gifted only:

  • 1 Welcome Card
  • 1 Postcard (This package does not come with the postcards. Postcards must be ordered separately.)
  • 1 "Take A Trip" Tote Bag (can be substituted with an OOO if necessary)
  • 2 Can Coozies
  • Various Non-Perishable & Allergy-Safe Snacks (Snacks are not included in this package. Snacks for gifts should be provided by the designated Area Manager. Snacks should not exceed the budget of $15 per stay.)